Multimedia Producer/Curator


Created in 2014, StreetMusicMap is a collaborative listing of street music performers from all over the world. It has more than 1,300 artists documented on videos in 93 countries, filmed by more than 700 collaborators, and up to 40,000 followers on Instagram.

StreetMusicMap Instagram got nominated for a 2017 Webby Award (Social — Music), chosen by the International Academy of Digital Arts & Sciences as the top 5 in its category in the world; and in the top 9% of all work entered (more than 13,000 entries).

The StreetMusicMap itself is being developed to share full info about the artists. A live album with street bands from São Paulo, Brazil, was released in 2016: StreetMusicMap Vol. 1 - Live at O.bra Festival (Loop Discos).

StreetMusicMap Radio is the new podcast launched in 2017, featuring the most important buskers in the world.

Local Producer (Brazil & Argentina)

NBA Entertainment

5 assignments to NBA Entertainment in Brazil and Argentina, including being the producer in São Paulo for a documentary about the Draft of 1984 (directed by David Goldfield), starring Michael Jordan, Charles Barkley, Hakeem Olajuwon, John Stockton and the brazilian Oscar Schmidt (2014); two short docs about the San Antonio Spurs Trophy Tour in South America (2014) and two NBA Global Games at Rio de Janeiro (2014/2015).

Local Producer (Brazil)

Instagram/HardPin Media

Video produced and filmed by HardPin Media for Instagram in Juiz de Fora, Minas Gerais, Brazil. I represented HardPin Media (NYC production company) in Brazil.

Film Director

VICE Brazil

Film director of two episodes of a VICE Brazil project called Skol Summer On - a branded content series about electronic music.

Local Producer (Brazil)

Feeling the Street/Toyota Global

Global campaign produced by Media Blanco  (advertising agency from New Zealand). I was the local producer in São Paulo, Brazil.

Film Co-Director/Editor

Ideias Registradas - Documentary

Documentary film about the history of advertising in southern Brazil. Directed by Daniel Bacchieri and Fabio Canale, produced by Zeppelin Filmes, Porto Alegre, Brazil.

Film Director

Vamos Brasilizar - Short Series

Branded content series produced by Zeppelin Filmes, created by VML Brasil for Ypióca (Diageo).

Film Director/Editor

Cerveja Antarctica Campaign

Ad campaign produced by Zeppelin Filmes, created by AlmapBBDO for Cerveja Antarctica (Ambev).

Associate Producer/Camera Operator

The 19 Million Project - Documentary

In November 2015, more than 140 journalists, activist, designers and programers convened in Rome, Italy, to address the greatest humanitarian crisis of our time. This is the beginning of the journey: The 19 Million Project. Directed by Michael Berkman. Produced by Fusion Network & Chicas Poderosas.

Film Co-Director/Editor

360 with Allan Mesquita - Documentary

Skateboard film about brazilian bowlrider Allan Mesquita. Produced by Zeppelin Filmes, directed by Rodrigo Pesavento and Daniel Bacchieri. Featured on Canal OFF (Globo Group).

Film Director/Editor

Coca-Cola - Magic! in São Paulo

Branded content film produced by cubocc (advertising agency from Brazil). Client: Coca-Cola.

Film Director/Producer

StreetMusicMap Short Doc Series

7 short docs about street musicians in São Paulo. Produced by StreetMusicMap at 2016 Festival Path in São Paulo, Brazil.

Assistant Director/Interpreter

Gran Turismo - Ayrton's Wish

Assistant director and interpreter of 'Ayrton's Wish' , a branded content short doc about the Formula 1 pilot Ayrton Senna, filmed in Brazil, directed by Tamir Moscovici, co-produced by Spy Films, from Canada (brazilian production by Zeppelin Filmes), and created by Gran Turismo, Playstation and Sony.

Film Co-Director/Editor

Oi Rock in Rio

Short documentary filmed at Rock in Rio 2013, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Produced by Zeppelin Filmes, created by LiveAD agency. Directed by Daniel Bacchieri and Antônio Carlos Ternura.

Film Director/Camera Operator/Editor

Paralympic Hackathon/Rio 2016 - Short Doc

For a weekend 50 Brazilian journalists, developers and designers got together at the Olympic Committee to help frame the media coverage in a multidisciplinary and more inclusive way. Produced by Chicas Poderosas.

Film Co-Director/Editor

Guayaquil de Mis Cantares

Short doc produced, as a collective, for the Gabriel García Márquez New Journalism Foundation (FNPI) in Guayaquil, Ecuador.

Film Director/Editor/Camera Operator/Actor

Os Piores Caronas - Short Series

Web-series created by Daniel Bacchieri, Rafael Mentges and Fabrizio Gorziza. Filmed in Porto Alegre, Brazil (2009/2011).