1. BBC World Service (England)

"Daniel Bacchieri collects recordings of street musicians from all over the world and posts them on his website StreetMusicMap"

2. Journalism in the Americas - University of Texas at Austin (USA)

"Brazilian journalist creates world map of street music and wins entrepreneurship scholarship to study in New York"

3. Instagram (USA)

"Daniel Bacchieri Wants to Create the World’s Biggest Network of Street Musicians"

4. AdWeek (USA)

"Creator of StreetMusicMap Lands 2017 CUNY Scholarship"

5. HuffPost (USA)

"You Might Be Able To Find Your Favorite Street Musician On This Platform"

6. Atlas Obscura (USA)

"A Growing Archive of Global Street Music"

7. CityLab (USA)

"The New Podcast Spotlighting NYC's Street Musicians"

8. The Guardian (England)

"Mapping Street Music"

9. Remezcla (USA)

"This Instagram Account Helps You Discover Street Musicians Around the Globe"

10. CityLab (USA)

"A Geography of Street Music"

11. MindFood (Australia/New Zealand)

"Find Your Favourite Street Musician"

12. The Bridge (Brazil)

"StreetMusicMap Gets Approval of The Olympic Comittee to Boost Busking Scene in Rio"

13. The Busking Project (England)

"StreetMusicMap - A Brazilian Street Band Album Release"

14. The Webby Awards (USA)

"StreetMusicMap - 2017 Social Music Nominee"

15. Instagrafite (Brazil)

"StreetMusicMap: The World Map of Street Musicians on Instagram"

16. Remezcla (USA)

"StreetMusicMap, an Instagram account curated by Brazilian Daniel Bacchieri, looks at the street performers across the world"

17. WFMU Radio (USA)

"Daniel Bacchieri is literally connecting the dots between street musicians, fans and budding music-documentarians around the world with his Webby Award-nominated interactive online StreetMusicMap"

18. Tow-Knight Center for Entrepreneurial Journalism (USA)

"Daniel Bacchieri: Mapping Street Music Around the Globe"

19. We Are Social Media (USA)

"Street Musicians Unite On Instagram"

20. Zoom Dune (USA)

"Writer/director Daniel Bacchieri tracks street musicians worldwide via Instagram"

21. The 19 Million Project (Italy)

"Ghost Boat: Eric Reidy speaks to Daniel Bacchieri"

22. Estado de São Paulo (Brazil)

"Brazilian creates collaborative platform featuring street musicians from different countries"

23. O Globo (Brazil)

"Collaborative project on Instagram is mapping street musicians"

24. Correio Braziliense (Brazil)

"Director shares 15 second videos to present street musicians from all over the world"

25. HuffPost (Italy)

"You Might Be Able To Find Your Favorite Street Musician On This Platform" (Original Article from Italy)

26. Meio & Mensagem (Brazil)

"Documentary tells the history of advertising in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil"

27. Clube de Criação (Brazil)

"Documentary 'Ideias Registradas', directed by Daniel Bacchieri and Fabio Canale, narrates 80 years of advertising in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil"

28. Arte Tracks (Germany/France)


29. Noize (Brazil)

"StreetMusicMap and the liberty of music on the streets"

30. Outra Cidade (Brazil)

"Collaborative mapping feature street musicians"

31. Genosha (Argentina)

"StreetMusicMap brings together videos of street musicians around the world. The artists themselves are responsible for uploading their material that is timely cured by Daniel Bacchieri, its creator"

32. Hypeness (Brazil)

"Brazilian project is mapping street musicians"

33. Merca 2.0 (Mexico)

"A good idea can take to New York City"

34. Zupi (Brazil)

"StreetMusicMap releases live album featuring street bands from Brazil"

35. Milenio (Mexico)

"StreetMusicMap: buskers from all over the world in one site"

36. Update or Die (Brazil)

"Share Your Music: from the streets to the world"

37. Coletiva (Brazil)

"Project of brazilian journalist is finalist at the Webby Awards"

38. Idea Fixa (Brazil)

"Project of brazilian journalist about street music will be developed at CUNY"

39. Ritmos 21 (Spain)

"StreetMusicMap: interactive map about street music"

40. Buena Vibra (Spain)

"An interactive global map about street music"